CUL DE SAC / Sensorial Experiences

For this project, I chose to be interested in all of these streets lifeless, dead ends, cul-de-sac or the small spaces between two houses along the canal here, in Rotterdam. Abandoned by the inhabitants, these streets are off literally as figuratively: they see the light only a few hours a day and rarely signs of life.
How to re-integrate these impasses to the rest of the city?
How to make these streets attractive, bring them back to life?

To answer this question, I want to create an interaction between the street and the people, between people themselves.
Interested in the social and emotional aspect, the 5 senses that define life will be operated: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing to provide a sensory experience to the people and bring the street back to life.
Figuratively speaking, the project is to add one sense square kilometer to the street.
Visually speaking, we can represent this square kilometer by half a cube.

Different experiences:
View / Experience with light, neon.
Touch / Experience with matter, color.
Taste / Experience with food.
Smell / Experience with artificial odor, olfaction.
Hearing / Experience with music.

Specifically, as a graphic designer, I will work on the overall visual identity of the project.
I’m interested in the 5 senses and try to create an adaptable graphic identity.


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