> Street Corners
Use the shape in the corner of the street.
Make some researches about the 2 streets that this corner cross…
Find some total opposite streets that are cross.

> Open-Spaces
– Places witch are half open / half closed with the street (Bus shelters/Bridges..)
– Real definition of Open-Spaces
Use the shape to design a new kind of public open spaces.

> Open closed places
Open closed places like Staircase / Elevator / House…
Why ???

If we say that this shape is 1km2, we can add 1km2 everywhere.

> Cul-de-sac / dead-end tracks
Add 1km2 at the end of dead-end-tracks.
Make this streets attractive for people. (creative disruption)

> No man’s land (empty landscapes / Inaccessible places)
Add 1km2 of life in the no man’s lands (sea, sky, forest, landscapes…)

> Way of access / Extending
Use the different way of access to somewhere like stairs, elevator, ladder…
Use them to access to a new 1km2.
Can be connected with the project above.
> Way of access to life in no man’s land 


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