CUL DE SAC / Analyse

These impasses / Cul-de-sac are too dark and murky for people to adventure in. Nobody crowd these soils except residents of houses on this street. Why go risk his skin or waste time in a convicted street where the only option is to turn back after a few minutes?

> How to re-integrate these abandoned spaces, lifeless, to the rest of the city?

Observation places
Youth / Many people have sex in this public place.
Junkies / Perfect location for drug trade.
Elderly / Never set a foot.
Bins / Often used as a rubbish dump by people.

Problem identification / Adjectives Qualifiers
Narrow / How to re-open this space, enlarge space?
Dark / What are the hours when the sun is present in these streets?
Creepy / How to brighten the streets?
Needless / How to make them more attractive places?
Odors / How often changing odors present in that place?


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